The main update is that I'm back and readt to rock! More edits, take requests and everything as it used to be. xoxo'
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oh gosh…

I can’t believe I could actually live without tumblr in my life, I remember spending hours and days in here, back when GG as on. Now, I’ve lost something important. I barely photoshop and I feel quilty , because can’t think of anything to make as I’m not a huge fan of any show at the moment. (Sherlock doesn’t count, of course). I’ll try to find a show I’m gonna be inspired by and very soon will post things more regularly, I hope you remember me.



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Anonymous whispered: fanpop[.]com/clubs/sherlock/images/34620265
repost :(

thanks for letting me know:)

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Anonymous whispered: are you ever going to be back at posting regularly on tumblr? i don't like to follow barely active/inactive blogs, so if you don't plan on doing it i would like to unfollow you. thanks in advance for answering.

If you don’t like it, then no one actually forces you to follow me, right? i mean, you followed me because you wanted to and i appreciate the time that you’ve spent to ask me, but I can’t promise anything at the moment because there’s some stuff going on in my life now and if you want to, just unfollow.

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He has his lip scar because he impaled it on his braces!




He told us at OZCON

Well that’s the most un-rock and roll story ever. 

Well… lol

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high res version. open each in new tab.

I extracted these from my digital edition of High Life. Please link back if you want to repost!

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There he is, the man with the lion tattoo.

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