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The Apprentice + Together

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what barry does vs. what he thinks [insp]

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47 days of chair.

Day nine : Favorite Ed quote about Chuck/Blair

"I mean, look, with regards to, for my character of Chuck, she’s his muse, she’s his obsession. It’s drawn-out, but it’s so, like, heavy. He’s so into her. It’s such a big deal for him. It’s taken on a thing, like she is the air that he breathes, I guess. He wants at any cost to find a way to be with her and that’s what he’s doing for the rest of the reason, is trying, trying and trying."

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Who is Damon Salvatore?

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Emma & Killian in 4.04 The Apprentice (x)

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For chairleaders!

As I’m more or less good with my schedule at uni rn, I can actually dedicate some time and try to remember how to photoshop as it’s been ages since I opened it. So, for starters I’ve decided to resume my «47 days of chair»  project because I  stopped at day 8. I think it’s a good idea.

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Dean + Sleeping

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I mean this tumblr app for mac is awesome..

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Anonymous whispered: fanpop[.]com/clubs/sherlock/images/34620265
repost :(

thanks for letting me know:)

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